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No matter what type of garage door you have, garage door repair is inevitable. There are many parts that make up the garage door system, and it’s important to have a local company on call when you need high-quality repairs that last. 

Garage Door Repair

Eventually, garage doors experience issues with springs, cables, and rollers. Lynoka Garage Door Services have experienced garage door technicians that will thoroughly inspect your garage if you don’t know why it’s not working properly. 

Garage door repair can refresh your garage door system! We are a dependable garage door repair company that is trained to know what to do for any worn garage door part. We arrive ready to work on any garage door repair you need. 

Need Us for Emergency Garage Door Repair?

We keep our team of trained repairmen ready when you need professional garage door repair right away. A garage door with a broken part shouldn’t be used, so we make you a priority as part of your local garage door company. 

Garage door parts malfunction when they’ve reached their limit. Unfortunately, if you just recently moved into a home with an aging garage door, it is hard to tell when those parts will reach their breaking point. Call us at (857) 209-6904. Whatever the situation, Lynoka Garage Door Services is ready for your emergency garage door repair.

Contact us for the following garage door repairs: 

Garage Door Panel Replacement

We offer garage door panel replacement for that driveway bumper accident. The surface of your garage door is sectioned by panels that experience direct damage like dents, dings, and scratches. Your garage door panels will need replacement as they’re affected by gradual damage like weather conditions. 

Garage Door Off-Track

Anything bent, we can fix. We’ll get your garage door back on track if it gets knocked out of place. If it eventually appears to open/close at a slant, our garage door off-track service realigns your garage door system.  

garage door repair

Garage Door Roller Replacement

The rollers are the components responsible for keeping your garage door in place. Garage doors are commonly used as the main point of entry for households, so repeated usage would eventually cause you to need garage door roller replacement. 

roller repair

Garage Door Spring Replacement

You will immediately know your garage door springs need to be replaced if your garage door slams shut or appears to be unbalanced. It’s unsafe to be around an unreliable garage door, so we move quickly. For an entirely renewed garage door system, let us handle your garage door spring replacement. 

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage door cables play another big role in how a garage door operates. Working with the garage door springs, the cables share the tension by forming a pulley system. Without a well-operating garage door cable and cable drum, it would resist lifting. We perform garage door cable replacement when your cables become too worn.

garage door repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door opener and your garage door operate hand-in-hand. One would not work without the other. If you notice it’s your garage door opener that’s not working, we’ll come right out for garage door opener repair.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Sometimes the garage door opener can lose connection from the garage door due to a broken sensor. We make sure the coast is clear, and repair your sensor for an all-around better garage door operation.

garage door repair

The Areas We Serve For Garage Door Repair

Contact us for the most reliable garage door repair in the Boston MA, Weston MA, Natick MA, Brookline MA, Dover MA, and Needham MA area. Our team will serve your home quickly with garage door spring repair, garage door cable replacement, garage door roller replacement, and more!


Can I repair my garage door myself?

You can perform some basic maintenance and cleaning for your door, but if there’s not a trained garage door professional present, we don’t recommend DIY garage door repair. Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and can become dangerous when something’s broken. Let a Lynoka Garage Door Services professional handle the garage door repair for you. 

Do you repair specific garage door brands?

We gladly service and repair all garage door brands, including opener brands.

When is my door past the point of repair?

There are some instances where a garage door is past the point of our repair services. Call Lynoka Garage Door Services to replace your garage door if you begin to notice:

• Your garage door has multiple damaged panels. 
• You notice rusting all throughout your garage door’s internal hardware
• There is rusting and/or separation between your garage door torsion springs.
• Your garage door is reaching 15 years old. 
• You need frequent garage door repair on multiple sections within your garage door system. 
• You notice an increase in your energy bill despite season changes. 
• Your garage door has altogether become unreliable.

  • Scott and team were very responsive and delivered a great service quickly. They seem very knowledgeable and were professional throughout. Very happy with the experience.

    Alex LaPointe Avatar Alex LaPointe
    February 3, 2023

    I did the online search for garage work and reviews for the company with a 👍Scott scheduled the appt, came out and explained everything done wrong from the previous owner’s... read more

    Tee J Avatar Tee J
    January 29, 2023

    Punctual, Professional, Detail Oriented, Cant ask for more.

    Vijay Aggarwal Avatar Vijay Aggarwal
    January 27, 2023
  • Great job. Nice guys!

    Ed Pariseau Jr. Avatar Ed Pariseau Jr.
    January 20, 2023

    Excellent service

    Luc Nguyen Avatar Luc Nguyen
    January 20, 2023

    Great job, very well coordinated, on time, and well done.

    Robert Levasseur Avatar Robert Levasseur
    January 13, 2023
  • They were very easy to work with job was done very quickly

    robert vick Avatar robert vick
    January 13, 2023

    Awesome team, came in on time and were very professional. Great work and result

    Roy Stein Avatar Roy Stein
    January 6, 2023

    Scott is always there when I need him. Excellent customer service!

    Dean Murphy Avatar Dean Murphy
    January 3, 2023

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