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Call Now: (+1) 857-209-6904

Prevent Costly Repairs on Wooden or Older Garage Doors

Hey everyone!  Scott from Lynoka Garage Door Service here, I just wanted to show you something that’s always a problem with wooden garage doors or older garage doors. See the bottom rail for the garage door itself. That’s where all the tension is held. And that ripped off because it’s rotted and old right.


Let me show you what I mean. So in this door here, the bottom rail is still there. And this bracket here is what holds all the attention from the Springs, although these doors are really, really old.


I think this could have been prevented. That’s what happens when you don’t do annual maintenance, you don’t do any preventive maintenance. You don’t take care of your garage doors at all.


So when the doors start to get old, they need love and attention. You can prevent this with an annual service, an annual preventive maintenance call. And we can take care of this for you. Give us a call, at (857) 209-6904.

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