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Call Now: (+1) 857-209-6904

So your car hit your garage door? 

So your car hit your garage door? 


Hey everyone, Scott from Lynoka Garage Door Service is over here. I just wanted to share my first call of the day with you for a garage door repair. So your car hit your garage door? 


It’s not the greatest or the most exciting. But, it’s something that happens often. It’s something we actually specialize in. And it’s people hitting their door with the car, driving to their garage door. 


Hey, it happens all the time. And let me show you this one(see the video above). This is a very simple, very easy show. 


So. The garage door was hit halfway up, pushed the bottom section out a little bit, and see, it’s got a little edge to it.


So, the fact that there are no creases on the outside. It’s probably something we can fix, right, just like this and realign and get it back running again. If the customer wants us to replace that bottom section. And that would take 15 weeks or so right now (due to the current slow down in the national supply chain) for this color and this time to get that section and get it installed. 


But for now, we can make the proper garage door repairs and get it working, get it running. So the homeowner can still use the door.


There are lots of calls where doors are completely knocked out of the opening and really, really bad stuff.


I’ll share some of those pictures right here with you on the video(see above). And so you guys can see this is something we specialize in, we get these calls at least once a week.  Then in the winter, probably three or four times a week. 


You’d be shocked how many people actually drive into their garage doors. If it happens to you don’t wait just give us a call. We’ll take care of you.  Call the Lynoka Garage Door Team at (857) 209-6904 or visit us at

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