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Is There A Standard Size For Garage Doors

Posted by Scott Moses on

Do Garage Doors Come in A Standard Size

A lot of people think that garage doors come in standard sizes. While it is true that some sizes are more common than others and those sizes are likely in stock, the truth is that there is no one standard size.

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When it comes to garage doors, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Garages come in various styles and dimensions, making the size of your door a crucial consideration.

Perhaps you envision a standard white garage door measuring around 8 by 7 feet with three windows – a classic image. But is this truly a standard door size? The reality is that the idea of a standard garage door varies from person to person. One might perceive it as a beige door with no windows. It all depends on individual perspectives.

Now that we've clarified that there's no such thing as a universally standard-sized door, you might wonder how to pick the right one without complications. It would undoubtedly be simpler if there were only one option. However, the truth is that each garage is unique and has specific requirements based on its frame and overall space.

Embrace this diversity as a homeowner; it offers an array of design possibilities that cater to both personal taste and practical needs. Your garage door can now reflect your personality while being functional.

Although sizes differ, some measurements are more prevalent. The most common garage door heights are 7 and 8 feet, while popular widths range from 8 to 14 feet. By understanding your specific space requirements, you can confidently select the ideal garage door that complements your home's style and adds functionality to your daily life.

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Important Thoughts Before Buying a Garage Door

your first decision is whether to build a new garage or simply replace the existing door. If you're opting for a replacement, we offer tools that can assist you in determining the ideal size for your current garage space.

An aspect often overlooked is the calculation of available space to install the door tracks, also known as lifts. These lifts are essential for the smooth operation of your garage door. Various lift types are available, and your choice will depend on your garage setup and the space at your disposal.

For those building a new garage, it's crucial to consider its intended purpose and usage.


How Big Are The Vehicles You Want To Park Inside the Garage

When selecting a garage door size, it's crucial to consider the primary use of your garage. If your garage serves as a parking space for two cars, you have several options suitable for that space. Additionally, if you plan on parking a motorcycle or even an RV in the garage, these factors must be taken into account when choosing the right garage door.

For garages accommodating a single car, a door width between 7 and 10 feet is typically sufficient. However, a 7-foot width might feel cramped, leaving little room to maneuver. Opting for 8 feet provides more breathing space, while upgrading to 9 feet significantly improves parking and facilitates easy opening of car doors.

For those with larger vehicles like pick-up trucks or SUVs, a minimum 9-foot wide door is recommended, with 10 feet being the more ideal option. The good news is that our team can craft custom doors to fit any space, ranging from a minimum width of 4 feet to a maximum of 20 feet. You can rest assured that we have the perfect solution for your garage needs.

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Those looking to park two cars in their garage should go with a 16-foot door. This will give you plenty of room to comfortably fit two average size vehicles without too much difficulty. 14-foot doors can work, but you’ll need smaller vehicles as they will end up being very close together. Perhaps you’ve considered getting two single 9-foot doors for each car in your garage. This could be a great option if you’re looking to have a designated spot for each car. The cost is typically the same as a 16-foot double door. The only additional cost is the extra garage opening system that will need to be installed.


Should I add A Garage Door Opener

For large and heavy garage doors, a powerful lift system is essential to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Seek the expertise of a garage door specialist who can install a robust LiftMaster opening system, providing the peace of mind that your garage door opener can effortlessly support the weight of your door.

LiftMaster offers a wide array of options, and one standout choice is the LiftMaster 87504-267. This advanced model comes with Wi-Fi capability, enabling convenient control and monitoring from anywhere in the world. Additionally, LiftMaster door openers prioritize your security, offering added protection against burglars. If any forced opening is detected, the opener promptly reverses the door's movement, preventing unauthorized access.

Invest in a reliable LiftMaster opener today to ensure the optimal performance and security of your large and heavy garage door. Contact a garage door specialist to explore the perfect LiftMaster solution for your needs.

Find A Garage Door Design You Love

Your garage door is one of the first things you see when you pull up to your home. Make sure to love the way your home looks. All of our doors are cut to custom sizes, ensuring that they will fit your garage door frame with precision. Any additional gaps can be filled by your garage’s weatherstripping, which will ensure a perfect seal. Because all of our garage doors are custom-made, you will never have to worry about being charged extra for the exact dimensions of your garage door frame.

Find A Garage Door Style That Matches Your Home

Aside from having a properly functional door, you’re also going to want an beautiful door. After all, a garage door covers one-third of the front of your home. You’re going to want something that you can be proud of.

We’ve broken down our 3 different styles into these main types: Traditional, Modern, and Carriage House. All of these styles can be customized to your liking and can be applied to multiple designs. 

With so many options to choose from, finding the right garage door that will fit your home can a bit overhwhelming. If you require a garage door specialist that can help you make the best decision, discuss your options with one of our experts at Lynoka Garage Door Services. We set the standard for garage door companies in Braintree MA, Weymouth Ma and the surrounding area.  If you already have an idea of what you want, you can request a free quotation by email.

With so many door sizes within any given neighborhood, it is sometimes hard to figure out which size door would fit well with the other homes in the area. If you need any help determining what size door would work best for your home contact us at 857-209-6904.