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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Garage Door Spring

Posted by Scott Moses on

Garage Door Spring Replacement  Cost 

Replacing garage door springs can be a challenging undertaking for homeowners, as it is a hazardous task that demands expertise and specialized knowledge. Given that garage door springs are consistently under high tension and garage doors themselves are quite heavy, any inadvertent missteps during the process can lead to severe injuries and physical harm. Consequently, unless your repair needs are minor and don't demand extensive handy skills, we strongly advise seeking professional assistance to address any issues with your garage doors. In this article, we'll provide an estimate of the costs associated with these replacements and what you should anticipate throughout the process.


Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

When your garage door springs become damaged, repairing them is often not a viable option, and replacement is necessary. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not recognize this need until both springs are malfunctioning, which is typically the case. Hence, it's essential to periodically inspect the hardware of your garage door.

If you have a multi-door garage and need to replace multiple components, the cost can increase to around $500. On average, the price for garage door spring repair typically falls within the range of $150 to $350 per door, covering both the hardware and labor for each door.

However, if the damage is less severe and requires only spring lubrication, the cost is usually lower, typically amounting to approximately $100. The hardware expenses can vary, ranging from $30 to $200, depending on the extent of the issue. Labor costs are typically the most significant portion of the price, falling between $75 to $150.


Replacing Your Torsion Springs and Shaft 

Broken garage door torsion spring

When it comes to replacing your torsion springs, the cost typically falls within the range of $130 to $300 for a set of two torsion springs. This cost includes both labor and the necessary hardware materials. On average, the individual springs themselves can be priced at up to $100 each. It's important to note that since these springs are situated at the top of the door, it's recommended to replace both springs simultaneously to maintain balance and stability. Generally, torsion springs have a lifespan of more than a decade, spanning from 10,000 to 20,000 cycles. However, the exact longevity will also depend significantly on the level of usage they endure.


Replacing Your Extension Springs 

Broken garage door extension spring

The hardware materials alone can have an individual cost of up to $45 each, and when you factor in the labor for replacement, the total expense can range from approximately $50 to $100. In contrast to torsion springs, installing these hardware components is technically simpler and less costly. However, it's important to consider that their lifespan is relatively shorter, often lasting less than a decade. Fortunately, many of these components come with warranties that typically span 3 to 5 years, providing some added peace of mind.


Garage Door Replacement prices Upfront and Honestly 

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