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How To Fix A Garage Door Safety Eye

Garage Door Photo Eye Repair 



Garage door sensors play a vital role in averting potential accidents by halting the closing of the garage door when they detect an object underneath. This functionality minimizes the risk of the door accidentally colliding with your car or other items.

These sensors are mandated by law for installation in every garage, underscoring their indispensable role in maintaining the secure functioning of garage doors. However, despite their crucial importance, homeowners often neglect proper care and attention to these sensors until issues arise. At Lynoka, we offer specialized repair services to address any problems related to malfunctioning garage door sensors, ensuring the continued safety and reliability of your garage door system.


Understanding Sensor Issues

Should you encounter difficulties with your garage door closing correctly and no apparent obstructions affect the sensor, the issue may be attributed to the garage door sensor.

Verify the proper functioning of your sensor lights and be attentive to signs like flashing sensor lights, anomalies in garage door lights, or any absence of sensor lights on elements such as the garage door keypad. 


Common Causes of Safety Sensor Issues

Highlighted below are some common causes of sensor issues:

1. **Problems with the Sensor Power Supply:**
Most sensors have a green light indicating their proper functioning. If both sensors lack any lights, it suggests a power supply issue. Ensure that the sensor is receiving power.

2. **Damage to Sensor Wires:**
Damaged sensor wires may result in a flashing orange light. Inspect the wires for twists or breaks. Untangle and correct any issues, and seek professional assistance if wires are broken or misaligned to prevent potential electric shock.

3. **Issues with the Photo-Eye Sensor:**
Accumulated dust on sensor lenses can hinder proper functioning. Additionally, sunlight can interfere if it hits the sensor at a specific angle. Regularly clean the sensors, and consider placing a cardboard shield to protect them from direct sunlight.

4. **Garage Door Not Closing:**
If the garage door fails to close correctly or opens immediately after closing, it may indicate interference with the sensors. However, conduct tests to verify if the root cause lies with the garage door sensor or another component.

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