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Different Garage Door Sizes

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Garage Door Sizes 

Garage doors come in a variety of sizes, and while there isn't a strict standard size, there are common dimensions that can vary depending on your location. Different regions in the United States may have distinct garage door sizes. When discussing garage door sizes, it's customary to mention the width first and then the height. For example, if your garage door is 16 feet (192 inches) wide and 7 feet (84 inches) tall, you would refer to it as "16x7". This format is universally followed by all garage door companies when assisting you in finding the right product for garage door replacement.

However, you can also find less common garage door sizes, starting at 7 feet and extending to 12 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet, 17 feet, and even 20 feet. While we have experience with these less common sizes, they are not as prevalent. The dimensions of your garage door will depend on whether you have a single garage door or a double garage door. When it comes to selecting a new garage door, it's advisable to enlist the services of a professional to ensure precise measurements, ensuring that the overhead door fits seamlessly and functions effectively.


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Garage Door Width

Let's begin by discussing garage door widths. Typical widths for single garage doors are 8 feet (96 inches), 9 feet (108 inches), and 10 feet (120 inches), while double garage doors commonly come in widths of 16 or 18 feet. When we refer to single or double doors, we are essentially indicating how many cars wide they can accommodate. In simpler terms, a single garage door is designed for one car, and a double garage door is designed for two cars.

When it comes to measuring your garage door width, it's essential to ensure that it matches the opening width or is slightly wider but not shorter. To determine the required width, measure the opening width from jam board to jam board. The jam boards are the vertical boards located inside the opening.

Garage Door Height

 Now, let's delve into the aspect of garage door height. Standard heights for residential garage doors typically range from 7 feet (84 inches) to 8 feet (96 inches). In the Atlanta area market, 7-foot-tall garage doors are the most common, but some higher-end homes may feature 8-foot-tall garage doors.

Residential garage door heights are divided into panels for most designs. These garage door panels usually come in heights of 18 inches, 21 inches, or 24 inches. However, they can also be 28 inches or 32 inches in height. The selection of garage door panel height is determined by the height of your garage door opening. Additionally, the larger the garage door panels, the larger the radius required. The radius refers to the curved portion of the garage door track. Common radius sizes include 18 inches and 21 inches.

For instance, a 7-foot-tall garage door typically consists of four 21-inch panels, whereas an 8-foot-tall garage door is typically composed of three 18-inch panels and two 21-inch panels. In most cases, homeowners may not notice the varying panel sizes, but some customers who pay close attention to details may request four 24-inch panels, effectively creating a four-panel, 8-foot-tall door. This arrangement evenly distributes the size of the door sections.


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How to measure your garage door opening 

To accurately measure the height of your garage door, start by measuring from the ground where the garage door rests up to the horizontal jam board located at the top of the opening. This measurement will provide you with the proper garage door height. However, it's important to note that this measurement may not always be perfect, and you may obtain different sizes depending on where you measure. Common factors that can lead to variations include uneven concrete or a sagging header. These are typical measurement challenges that can result in irregular sizes such as 7 feet 1 inch (7'1") or 6 feet 10 inches (6'10").

The good news is that there is some flexibility when it comes to garage door height. For instance, a 7-foot garage door often measures around 7 feet 1 inch (7'1") due to the presence of a retainer and a bottom seal on the bottom section. Conversely, if you measure a height of 6 feet 9 inches (6'9") or 6 feet 10 inches (6'10"), we typically install a 6-foot 9-inch (6'9") door. This means that one section will be 3 inches shorter than the other 21-inch sections. In summary, determining the right garage door dimensions based on your opening's height is a challenge we can easily address to provide you with the perfect garage door replacement, ensuring it operates seamlessly.

Another critical consideration is headroom, as you need sufficient space for the garage door to clear the ceiling when opening. Additionally, factors like the track positioned above the garage opening, as well as drums and end bearing plates when using torsion springs, need to be taken into account. These elements play a pivotal role in determining the type of garage door and opener suitable for your garage. A straightforward way to assess if you have enough headroom is to measure from the top of the opening to the ceiling. If you have at least 15 inches of space, you can accommodate a garage door and opener using torsion springs.


Garage Door Sizes Near Boston Ma


To summarize, in the Boston market, standard garage door sizes typically include dimensions such as 8x7, 8x8, 9x7, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8, 16x7, 16x8, 18x7, and 18x8. However, it's important to note that garage door sizes are not always straightforward, which is why providing accurate quotes for standard garage doors can be challenging when customers inquire about pricing. The size of the garage door significantly influences the cost.

Garage doors that can be entirely customized in terms of width and height often include custom wood garage doors and custom glass garage doors. In certain instances, even a flush panel steel garage door can be tailored to specific dimensions because the design on the front is not a limiting factor.

If you're in the market for a new garage door, regardless of whether it's a simple or complex project, we are here to assist you. Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary design consultation at 857-209-6904 (via call or text). You can also explore our past Garage Door Projects or explore your options further on our Garage Doors gallery