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Garage Door Cable Repair

Premium Garage Door Cable Repair 

Garage door cable broken


Garage Door Cable Replacement 

Garage door cables play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of your garage door, responsible for bearing the entire weight of the door as it opens and closes. These cables wrap around cable drums positioned at the door's top and extend downward, securing themselves to the bottom bracket. Positioned on either side of your door, they run vertically along the track. To ensure proper functioning and to guarantee the safety of your family, it is crucial to keep these cables well-maintained, ensuring they remain free from any fraying or damage that might lead to snapping. Weak spots in the cables can potentially disrupt your garage door's operation and pose a safety hazard.

Moreover, your garage door cables work in tandem with the springs to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. Consequently, if one component is damaged, it is likely to affect the other. For instance, a broken spring can increase the tension on your cables. In the event of a failure in either of these components, you may hear a popping noise as tension is released. Furthermore, if your spring's tension is improperly calibrated—either too high or too low—it can cause the cable to disengage from the drum. Any loss of tension resulting from these issues will make your garage door significantly heavier, making it challenging to lift manually and risky to attempt using the automatic opener, as it could damage the motor. If you find yourself in such a situation, it's advisable to try opening the door manually with the assistance of another person.


Instead of attempting any repairs or opening the door on your own, call or text us at 857-209-6904 to schedule an appointment! We can replace a garage door cable quickly to fully restore function and safety to your overhead door. Trust our trained technicians to complete your garage door cable repair near Braintree, Weymouth, and Randolph, so you don’t have to worry. We can also give you cost estimates over the phone so you know what to expect for a repair appointment with us!


Loose garage door cable

Loose garage door cable


In the photo, you can see that the cable has simply come out of the drum but not actually broken. This can occur when you accidentally close your garage door on something like a box. If this happens, our expert technicians can typically reset it to the drum and get your garage door operating properly again quickly. Even though this might seem like an easy fix for you, you should not attempt to reset the cable into the drum on your own. The cable still holds a lot of tension and could injure you or a family member if handled incorrectly.

Broken Garage Door Cable

Rusty garage door cable broken

In the photograph, it's evident that the garage door cable has completely snapped. The cable can break due to various factors. Firstly, if the steel cables develop corrosion or come into contact with other metal components, they are prone to breaking. Secondly, if your garage door spring fails while you're trying to lift the door, the sudden drop of the door can result in the cables snapping. In either scenario, our technicians will need to replace both cables on both sides of the garage door to restore it to optimal functionality.


As with a loose cable, you should be careful when handling a garage door with a broken cable. Instead of risking injury by trying to replace a garage door cable yourself, contact the experts at Lynoka Garage Door Services. We keep our trucks stocked with the necessary tools and parts to ensure you get a speedy repair!

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Why Do You Need Cable Replacement?

In numerous instances, our customers may mistakenly believe that their garage door cable has broken, when in reality, it has simply dislodged from the drum. The cable is designed to securely fasten into the drum, with the tension from the garage door torsion springs keeping it in place. In situations where the cable remains undamaged, we can often resolve the issue by reseating the garage door cable in the drum.

We strongly advise against attempting to reset the cables into the drum on your own. It's essential to remember that these cables bear the full weight of the door and operate under high tension levels. Replacing them can be hazardous and should exclusively be undertaken by a qualified garage door repair specialist. Typically, we maintain an inventory of eight and nine-foot-tall cables, suitable for most residential garage doors, ensuring a swift and hassle-free cable replacement during your repair appointment.

During routine maintenance checks or repairs addressing other concerns, if we observe any signs of wear or fraying in your cables, we will recommend replacing them. As the cables play a pivotal role in assisting the springs, it's crucial that they remain in excellent condition to ensure the consistent and reliable operation of your garage door. Additionally, if one of the cables breaks or exhibits extensive wear, we typically recommend replacing both cables. Given their collaborative function, it's best to maintain them at an equal level of tension to prevent one from bearing more strain than the other.