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Garage Door Opener Brands

Top Rated Garage Door Openers 

Choosing a top garage door opener brand is crucial for your garage door system. The opener, a motorized device, controls the opening and closing of your garage door, eliminating the need for manual operation. Whether you're looking to install a new garage door opener, repair or replace an existing one, or retrofit your current door to accommodate one, contact Lynoka Garage Door Service at 857-209-6904

Lynoka Garage Door Service the trusted distributor of leading garage door opener brands in Braintree Ma. We offer a range of openers suitable for most garage doors. Our team of expert garage door opener installers can advise you on the best opener to install based on your specific garage door system's technical requirements. Moreover, if you can't find a suitable option in our collection, we'll go the extra mile to source it for you.


Lynoka garage door opener installation of 8500 For 45 years, Liftmaster has been a prominent player in the garage door opener manufacturing industry. They have earned a reputation for producing a diverse lineup of exceptional garage door openers that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and innovation, ensuring top-notch safety, security, performance, and connectivity features.



Genie garage door opener  With 50 years of experience, Genie has established a strong presence in the garage door opener industry, renowned for the safety and reliability of their products. Genie's garage door openers are equipped with patented safety enhancements, including the Genie Safe-T-Beam® and GenieSense™ monitoring and diagnostic technology, setting them apart as industry leaders in ensuring secure and dependable operation.


Craftsman garage door opener

  Craftsman offers a range of garage door openers featuring the cutting-edge Assurelink technology, which allows homeowners to effortlessly monitor and control their garage doors using internet-connected smartphones, tablets, and computers.




Chamberlain garage door opener  For four decades, Chamberlain has been a prominent manufacturer of industry-leading, top-quality, and exceptionally durable garage door openers. Their impressive lineup includes robust garage door openers powered by both chain drive and belt drive motors, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.


Wayne Dalton 

I drive garage door opener by Wayne daltonWayne Dalton ceased production of garage door openers a while ago, resulting in a scarcity of internal components for their Torsion iDrive and TorqueMaster iDrive models. Nevertheless, at Lynoka Garage Door Service, we are dedicated to simplifying the process for you. If it's possible to locate replacement parts, we'll make every effort to do so on your behalf.



Linear garage door openerLinear stands as a respected and dependable producer of garage door solutions, which encompasses a variety of openers. They boast the most extensive selection of garage door openers, delivering pioneering and creative products designed to enhance your security. Linear's garage door openers are offered in both chain and belt drive options, as well as drawbar or jackshaft configurations, with various choices for horsepower and voltages to cater to your specific needs.


Stanley garage door opener repair After Stanley transferred the rights to produce garage doors and openers to a company that later declared bankruptcy, customers have encountered challenges when seeking service or repairs for their existing units. If you're encountering issues with your Stanley garage door opener, don't hesitate to reach out to Lynoka. We'll dispatch a team of highly trained technicians to inspect and rectify any problems affecting your garage door and its components. If replacement parts are needed for your Stanley garage door opener, we'll either have them readily available or make every effort to locate them on your behalf.


Sommer garage opener Sommer's garage door openers are celebrated for their hushed, robust, and resilient operation. These openers integrate cutting-edge European garage door opener technology, featuring a traveling motor that smoothly glides with minimal vibrations along a fixed chain. This technology not only ensures whisper-quiet performance but also delivers exceptional durability and superior operational performance.

See why customers in the Braintree Ma area choose Lynoka for their garage door opener needs:

 I had a great experience with Lynoka when they replaced my garage door with a new one. 1. They are very good in communications, and always give a heads up when coming for a quote, installation, additional work, change of plan, etc. 2. They also delivered their promises in a timely manner. 3. The quality look good. While I don’t know if any issues could come up later, but the work comes with a 3 year warranty, so I’m not too worried about that. Highly recommended! - James Rong (Google Customer)